win32 going away

Kevin M Stange kevin at
Mon May 21 12:27:17 EDT 2007

Torrey McMahon wrote:
> So I'm a total noob when it comes to windows but if someone, like Ethan, 
> says "the removal of win32 support in Pidgin" does that mean that 
> windows support goes away or just some set of library calls or ???

Win32 will not be going away at this point.  The idea would be to
eliminate Win32 releases of Pidgin, not the removal of Win32 support
from libpurple.  The idea would be that a replacement client would exist
that implements a user interface native to Win32, eliminating the
dependency on GTK+.

Again, this is not something that is planned, just something that has
been proposed.  I do not think it is going to happen anytime prior to
the existence of such a native Win32 client.


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