Google Talk

Steven Garrity stevelist at
Tue May 22 23:08:06 EDT 2007

Luke Schierer wrote:
> My preference would be to not actually have a google talk protocol, but
> instead to have a more complex account creation dialog.  This dialog
> would be more in lines with a "wizard."  While no account creation
> dialog will ever be perfect, there would be the opportunity here to walk
> users through setting up their account, hopefully avoiding some of the
> current pit-falls.

This sounds like what Thunderbird 2 does with Gmail mail account 
creation. Once created, the account is just another POP3 account, but 
during creating, you're asked if you want to create an IMAP, POP, or 
Gmail account. If you choose Gmail, it only asks you for the username 
and password - everything else is defaulted correctly.

Steven Garrity

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