Account (dis|en)abling

Luke Schierer lschiere at
Wed May 23 11:57:58 EDT 2007

On Wed, May 23, 2007 at 11:36:16AM -0400, Eric Polino wrote:
> I ran into something rather annoying and was wondering what the desired
> functionality is.
> Right now I'm working on Finch but am running Pidgin as I work.  In Pidgin
> my MSN account is enabled.  I'd like it to be disabled in Finch.  But when I
> enable it in Pidgin it gets enabled for both Finch and Pidgin; I've
> confirmed this in accounts.xml.  So when I fire up Finch it kicks it off in
> Pidgin, so I turn it off in Finch and renable it in Pidgin...and on and
> on...  Do we want the UI to (dis|en)able accounts purplewide or only for the
> specific UI it was changed in?  My vote is for just the UI it's in.  I know
> I could pass a -c nothingdir but that's just ugly for nothing, IMHO.
> On a side note.  When I enabled MSN in Pidgin it added settings for gnt-gaim
> to my accounts.xml.  Also, Pidgin is refered to as gtk-gaim there also.  If
> this is a bug and should be reported I'll do that.
> Eric

That this behavior is less than 100% desirable for developers is clear.
My thought though is that it is more likely to be what someone _not_
testing something, but simply trying to use finch sometimes and other
times pidgin, would expect.


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