bug triage

Sean Egan seanegan at gmail.com
Thu May 24 14:08:44 EDT 2007

On 5/24/07, Luke Schierer <lschiere at pidgin.im> wrote:
> I need some advice here on how we as a project want to use trac.

Milestone is useful; I know that, at least I, made sure every ticket
was addressed in some way before 2.0.0. Some of them were just bumped
back, but it made sure everything that was important got addressed.
It's also probably easy enough for you to tell which tickets are
micro-version changes and which are minor-version changes, and target
them accordingly.

Owner makes sense when there's an obvious owner. I'll look at
milestoned bugs assigned to me before anything else. However, if there
are non-owned bugs, I'll look at those, too, and see what I can do
with it.

I'd say milestone is most useful, and then owner after that.

Priority isn't hugely important; it's largely redundant to milestone
(more important issues get addressed first). It's only important if
there are a huge number of tickets for a given release. Hopefully,
since we're releasing so often, we can use our judgement and avoid


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