Conversation window redesign

Colin Barrett timber at
Thu May 24 14:25:28 EDT 2007

On May 24, 2007, at 11:18 AM, Sean Egan wrote:

> On 5/24/07, Colin Barrett <timber at> wrote:
>> (Although they are not using WebKit, they're using Gecko. Can't  
>> really
>> say anything one way or the other about which I suggest, being biased
>> by employment and all)
> Oh, that probably makes a difference. Despite Gecko being likely too
> large to distribute (which we'd probably need to do on Windows), it
> probably has enough incompatibilities with webkit to not be 100% what
> we want. The Google Talk client, for instance, supports Adium themes,
> but since it uses the IE HTML control, it's not compatible enough for
> everything to work.

Gecko is pretty small when compressed, FWIW. And most of our message  
styles will work in Gecko, I would say. David Smith (Cc'd) has been  
working on an implementation of Adium's message styles in JS -- the  
client would only need to expose a model and send events into the  
view, and messages would get added internally, AIUI.


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