Truncated Status Messages

Robert Meyer meyerro3 at
Tue May 29 21:55:48 EDT 2007

I am having a problem with setting status messages (away, available, custom
or whatever) that are getting truncated with an ellipse (".") appended to
the end.


Pidgin does this after about 50-60 characters have been entered - sometimes
not an entire sentence! I am willing to bet that I'm just missing a checkbox
somewhere but I have been through all the dialogs numerous times and have
searched all over trying to find someone else that is having the same issue,
but alas, I have not found the fix. I have had this problem ever since Gaim
2.0 beta and am currently using Pidgin 2.0.0.


Also, in an unrelated note the link to "FAQ" ( on
the following page is broken (404):


Lastly, thanks for all the work you guys (and gals) have done. I myself am a
software developer and hope to give back when my schedule allows.



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