listing buddies through Perl plugin

Sean Egan seanegan at
Wed May 30 12:22:41 EDT 2007

Forwarding to the list.

On 5/30/07, Roy Rim <roy.rim at> wrote:
> Hello Sean,
> My name is Roy and I've been trying to write a Perl plugin for Pidgin.
>  I was hoping you could help me out if you got the time.
> I've been pulling my hair out trying to understand how the Buddy List
> works.  I'm a C newbie and have never used the Perl internals before.
> How do I iterate through the buddy list after getting it with a call
> to Purple::get_blist()?  I understand that its a node but I can't make
> heads or tails of how to call the "next" node.
> I believe the key is understanding this in the BuddyList.xs:
> for (civ = const_iv + sizeof(const_iv) / sizeof(const_iv[0]); civ-- >
> const_iv; )
>         newCONSTSUB(stash, (char *)civ->name, newSViv(civ->iv));
> }
> From my understanding this is creating new "sub"s in perl?  So I
> should be able to call whatever those subs are?
> Anyway, thank you in advance!
> Roy

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