FYI: Adium Google Summer of Code Bonjour project will not be working with libpurple

Evan Schoenberg evands at
Thu May 31 08:02:51 EDT 2007

Previously, we discussed on this list the future of the Bonjour prpl  
and how it made best sense for Bonjour to be merged with the XMPP  
plugin, given that the Link Local Messaging JEP is to be the Bonjour  
standard.  I still think this is the appropriate future for Bonjour  
functionality, especially given how many free technologies this would  
afford Bonjour in the future, such as voice chatting via libjingle.

However, given the time constraints of the Google Summer of Code and  
the areas of experience of the student undertaking the project to  
improve Adium's bonjour support, Erich Kreutzer, and his mentor,  
Andrew Wellington, it's been decided (by Erich and Andrew) to proceed  
with improving libezv, the library currently powering Bonjour in  
Adium, rather than undertaking the very sizable task of a new bonjour  
implementation within the XMPP prpl.  Erich is more comfortable with  
Objective-C, and Andrew wrote libezv originally, so this is a good  

Please consider the bonjour-xmpp task open for others to undertake if  
they want to :)

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