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Sat Nov 3 21:21:17 EDT 2007

Jeff Sadowski spake unto us the following wisdom:
> can you require more than one line(100 characters at least) in your filter?
> Most problems take a few lines to ask
> spit it back to the sender say they will need to describe the problem
> better that one line doesn't cut it. I guess you already filter mail
> that only has one picture I see a lot of those on my work email.

No, I will not apply any such arbitrary and flawed heuristics.  On
average, devel leaks no more than a couple of spams a week; when the
filters are working properly (I fear I may have inadvertently
perturbed them, this time, in doing some cleanup) it leaks far less
than that.  The total number of emails commenting on the spam
filtering likely outnumbers the spams themselves.

Emails with no body but having a non-text attachment, I would like to
filter -- but we do not currently do so.  Spamprobe has been doing an
adequate job of catching them, after some period of not doing so well.

We have decided that open submission is more valuable than the cost of
a few leaked spam.  I support that decision.  Our spam filters
actually work admirably well, leaking far less than 1% of the spams
which hit the list.


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