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Mauro Sérgio Ferreira Brasil mauro.brasil at
Tue Nov 6 10:08:06 EST 2007

Thank's for your sugestions Richard, but could you please clarify me 
about the file name note?
Even the buddyicon filename is stored on the blist.xml and I was 
intending to do so for custom emoticon xml file too, because I need to 
have a reference to the physical file.

Anyway, as suggested by salinasv I'll have a closer look on ticket 1187 
as it seems I'm duplicating functionality here.

Richard Laager wrote:
> Looking at your proposed XML, you're probably on the right track... You
> should look at the existing code in libpurple/buddyicon.c to get an idea
> of how we're currently doing on-disk caching. If that API isn't rich
> enough, then you'll want to factor out the methods you need into
> libpurple/imgstore.h as necessary. This way, you don't need to duplicate
> all the effort of writing caching code. Also, you won't need to store
> the filename in the XML, just the hash.
> Richard

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