Release Thursday?

John Bailey rekkanoryo at
Sun Nov 11 02:27:37 EST 2007

Hi all,

In the last couple days we've had some talk in #pidgin of trying to make a
release.  In support of Luke's desire to have a 2.2.3, I went through and
plucked a bunch of revisions from our im.pidgin.pidgin branch to the
im.pidgin.pidgin.2.2.3 branch in Monotone.

Stu today mentioned a desire to release from im.pidgin.pidgin after adding MSNP9
back to that branch and making it the default MSN plugin.  I personally agree
with this.

So, I have two questions:

1.  Do we release this coming Thursday?
2.  If so, which should we release, 2.2.3 or 2.3.0 (im.pidgin.pidgin now
contains new API, thus requiring 2.3.0)?

If we're going to release Thursday (no matter which branch we release from), we
need a string freeze _today_ to keep to our usual schedule.  I will also have to
explain to the translators how to pull monotone and get the branch to translate
for 2.2.3, as I'm reasonably sure that there is a significant divergence between
h:im.pidgin.pidgin and h:im.pidgin.pidgin.2.2.3 with respect to strings,
particularly in the MSN plugin.

Ideally, we'd also have an updated logo from Hylke.  The "Just get along!" one,
while cute, is starting to get on my nerves.

So, essentially we need to decide pretty quickly about a release.


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