Does this plugin exist?

Gal Topper galt280 at
Thu Nov 15 00:40:40 EST 2007

Hi all,

I was wondering about a possible plugin for Pidgin (or maybe libpurple) for
a while.
When using GMail as a GTalk client, it leaves out "X says:" lines if the
person that you're chatting with has sent multiple messages without your

So in Pidgin a conversation look like this:
Buddy: hello
Buddy: how is it going?
Buddy: i have something to tell you

while in GMail it would look like this:
Buddy: hello
how is it going?
i have something to tell you

Does anyone know if such a plugin already exists? (I would search, but I
have no idea what it would be called)
And if it doesn't, is this something that a plugin could do?

One issue I can see with such a plugin is that it could clash with the
functionality of timestamps.

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