Changes in Request API

Sadrul Habib Chowdhury imadil at
Thu Nov 15 16:58:03 EST 2007

* Gabriel Schulhof had this to say on [15 Nov 2007, 23:24:25 +0200]:
> On Wed, 2007-14-11 at 22:14 -0600, Richard Laager wrote:
> > On Wed, 2007-11-14 at 21:20 -0500, Sadrul H Chowdhury wrote:
> > > With the new 'hint' stuff, I believe we are going to need a major
> > > version bump, since we change the signature of functions in
> > > PurpleRequestUiOps.
> > 
> > How did I miss that?
> > 
> > /me looks at Gabriel... thoughts?
> On second read ...
> Options:
> 1. We could do the same thing in the UI ops that we do in the libpurple
> API (add _with_hint() variants). This would effectively double the
> number of request UI ops.

We cannot just double the size of the uiop, there aren't enough padding
for that to happen. We will need to do some ugly hack suggested before
in some thread (involving 'sizeof' and all that goo).

> 2. We could add one request UI op which libpurple uses to tell the UI
> what the hint will be for the next request.

That sounds almost as ugly :p

> Please let me know what you think!

It may be worthwhile experimenting with some heuristic to decide on a
parent window from Pidgin, without any hint from purple. For example,
the parent could be one of (1) the newest window, (2) the last window
that had focus, etc. This is pretty ugly too. But it is entirely within
pidgin, and doesn't enforce any ugliness on anything else.

> Gabriel


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