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Ethan Blanton wrote:
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>> I believe I've correctly implemented a workaround for this.  The problem
>> is that the pull was hanging, in this case for over an hour.  I used the
>> DB journal as a lock file and modified the script to kill the pull after
>> a 270 second timeout, just shy of five minutes.
> I am not at *all* sure that using the journal as a lockfile is safe.
> (It may be, I am not saying it certainly is not.)  270 seconds is a
> reasonably conservative pull timeout.

From my investigation, monotone does the whole pull as a SQL transaction
and finishes with a commit, so the transaction seems to be entirely
contained within the journal until the commit is issued -- no mtime
change for the main DB file until after that.

I'm not sure if there are any cases where this doesn't happen, but it
seems to be how it works by my testing.


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