Encodings per buddy for IRC

Martin Ott pahaloom at gmail.com
Tue Nov 20 09:11:18 EST 2007


While reading the recent "Unicode characters" thread, it flashed to me
that often I would need different encodings for separate channels on
one server (using one nick). That way there have been formed out
certain channels, where I need one encoding or another. Plus there are
certain group of irc nicks, where one charset is needed or another.

So far the most I've done for it was just to specify two different
accounts (resulting in two nick names available: nick and nick_utf8
for example).

Especially, when chatroom appears to be present in the buddy list -
any arguments against adding a possibility to change character-set per

In case yes, any proposals on how it could be done? Could there become
an additional configurable encoding field per buddy? Could such field
be IRC plugin specific, or should it be added for all plugins to use?
Perhaps even buddy-groups could benefit such a field?

Martin (va PahaLOOM)
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