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This question shows up every few weeks and is answered here:

I think the FAQ should be linked in a more popular place. Maybe changing
Support & Development in two separate topics. Or at least have a "Where
can I get help?" in the about page. I personally would prefer a separate
FAQ-main topic.


The Directory schrieb:
> Hi:
> After using Pidgin, I am very impressed by the number of supported protocols that I can IM with.  However, I would like to ask, do the Pidgin developers have any plan to set up support for the SIP, Skype, and the H263 protocols (VoIP)?  I would very much like to have a universal internet communications client.  I tried a VoIP program known as Ekiga, which is nice in that one can log into multiple SIP/H263 accounts, but it's a shame that Ekiga does not have any IM capabilities, other than the SIP IM protocol (XMPP, I think).
> Thanks for hearing my suggestion.
> Please reply,
> -q10
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