Need help ! how to get all the buddies according one MSN account?

sirtoozee sirtoozee at
Fri Nov 23 04:44:38 EST 2007

I changed some code in the ./libpurple/example/nullclient.c

/* Get buddy list account. */
static void
bsKeyValue(gpointer key, gpointer value, gpointer user_data)
        PurpleAccount *account;

        account = key;
        printf("DEBUG BUDDY LIST ACCOUNT %s\n",

static void
signed_on(PurpleConnection *gc, gpointer null)
        PurpleAccount *account = purple_connection_get_account(gc);
        PurpleBuddyList *blist;
        GHashTable *bs;

        blist = purple_get_blist();
        bs = blist->buddies;
        g_hash_table_foreach(bs, bsKeyValue, NULL);

        printf("Account connected: %s %s\n", account->username,

You should download a Glib manual to have a look at the GHashTable.


2007/11/23, Hogan Yu <hogan.yu at>:
> hi, ALL:
>   I have a MSN account and want to get all my buddies in my software by
> using libpurple, I dont know which method can finished this job. I check the
> API and dont find the method. how can do this?
> BR
> Hogan Yu
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