purple_conv_im_send works not as expected

Anatoliy Belsky anatoliy at belsky.info
Sat Nov 24 10:24:52 EST 2007

Thanks for the answer, Daniel.

Sorry, the connection to the signal was there too .. I'm playing with the 
nullclient ... so the full code fragment would be as:
        account = purple_account_new(name, prpl);
        purple_account_set_password(account, password);
        purple_account_set_enabled(account, UI_ID, TRUE);

	status = purple_savedstatus_new(NULL, PURPLE_STATUS_AVAILABLE);

    	static int handle;		    
	purple_signal_connect(purple_connections_get_handle(), "signed-on", 
			&handle,  PURPLE_CALLBACK(signed_on), NULL);

        conv = purple_conversation_new(PURPLE_CONV_TYPE_IM,
 			account, "account2 at hotmail.com)"); 
        purple_conv_im_send(PURPLE_CONV_IM(conv), "hi there!");

It still not works. The nullclient brings the following output:

	Username: account1 at hotmail.com
	Starting conversation
	Sending a message
	(account2 at hotmail.com) (16:08:24) account1 at hotmail.com: hi there!
	(account2 at hotmail.com) (16:08:35) AccountName2: account2 at hotmail.com is now
 	known as AccountName2.

	Account connected: account1 at hotmail.com prpl-msn

As you can see, the account connected message comes after the message was 
sent. The signed_on callback function returns immediately after it was 

Actually I'm writing the php binding for purple, this makes things more 
complicated. But this code was probed with pure c. 

May be you have an idea, how can I catch the moment, where the account was 



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