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(Taking this to devel at, which is probably the right place for

Anthony Catel spake unto us the following wisdom:
> There is no on pidgin tree ?

There is in the development sources, but not in the released tarball.
You can solve the problem you are having by appropriately editing in protocols/ and in the toplevel directory,
then running 'autoreconf -i'.

> I have written a protocols plugin.
> My problem is just this Makefile.

See, this would have been useful information in the *first* email.
"How do I regenerate Makefiles", and "How do I create a _new_
Makefile" are two entirely different questions.

You need to read up on autoconf/automake.  'info autoconf' and 'info
automake' contain good, if voluminous, information which is probably
already on your machine.  Sean's book, "Open Source Messaging
Application Development: Building and Extending Gaim" is another good

Having read up, you'll need to modify to include the
Makefile as one of its generated targets, and protocols/ to
include your directory as one of its SUBDIRS.  You'll also have to
create an appropriate for your protocol; you can look at
one of the existing files for an example.


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