im.pidgin.pidgin: 64115edef4269e8a5cc770701585cdd5388dbfd3, a9d1791990e2f5cc03fd7e1c4b0fe15710d5ce02

Sean Egan seanegan at
Tue Nov 27 05:43:08 EST 2007

On Nov 27, 2007 2:38 AM, Will Thompson <will at> wrote:
> Except that now there's no way to clear an error from the UI.  So every
> time you restart Pidgin it will be presented to you again.  The error
> persists across restarts (unless you explicitly clear it) so that even
> if Pidgin falls over or someone pulls the plug while you're at work, you
> can still reconnect all the elsewhere'd accounts with one click, or so
> you know which accounts you have to re-enable now that you've built with
> SSL support.

I noticed that it saved in accounts.xml after I committed this, and
was quite impressed by it ;)

I didn't piece together that I broke it, though. :)

> Maybe rig up a "destroy" callback on the minidialogs?

That seems like a really good solution.


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