MSNP14 cannot reply offline messages

notaktak at notaktak at
Wed Nov 28 10:41:45 EST 2007

Will Thompson wrote:
> On Wed, Nov 28, 2007 at 02:09:39AM -0500, Chao Cao wrote:
>> Since MSNP14 is not officially supported yet, I guess I could send this 
>> here?
> Not really.  If you're using known-broken code from MTN, you get to keep
> the pieces, or send a patch fixing the problems you find.
>> BTW, is MSNP14 gonna be stable in next release?
> It depends if people help to fix it rather than complaining that it's
> not stable (having gone out of their way to enable it despite knowing
> that it's been disabled because it's not stable).

The code is not horribly far from ready. I'm basically using it and
switching back to MSNP9 whenever I need to do something that blows up,
which is basically adding/removing/blocking/unblocking, and dealing with
the fact that changing screenname/buddy icon is broken.

I think we could do with an MSNP14 target in the tracker to report bugs
against so we get a list of release blockers rather than just having a
feeling that it's 'a bit broken', which isn't moving anything along at
all. Just a thought, since there's no way I'm going to be able to work
on any of the code myself before February.


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