Soothing Music in Gaim 2.30?

Casey Harkins caseyharkins at
Wed Nov 28 14:01:14 EST 2007

Georgi Kirilov wrote:
>> Some protocols support the ability for users to advertise whether they're
>> listening to music.  Pidgin now shows a little icon next to people on MSN and
>> Jabber if their IM client tells us that they're listening to music.
> Is Pidgin capable of advertising that too? I use CurrentTrack to
> change my status to the title/artist of current song and I have added
> myself (gtalk) to the buddy list. But no such an emblem to my contact.
> Maybe that's a CurrentTrack "issue", not Pidgin's?

It sounds like CurrentTrack is just changing your status message. I 
believe the API is exposed to allow Pidgin to advertise this as well, 
but doesn't appear to be implemented. A plugin like CurrentTrack would 
be the appropriate place to implement this (by setting the 
PURPLE_STATUS_TUNE independent status on accounts that support it).


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