pidgin server

Andy Howell AndyHowell at
Sat Sep 1 13:12:21 EDT 2007

Luke Schierer wrote:
> On Fri, Aug 31, 2007 at 02:44:56PM -0500, Andy Howell wrote:
>> Hello,
>> 	Is it possible to a "pidgin server" that maintains connection to the 
>> real IM servers?
>> I want to have on process that runs all the time on one machine and have 
>> any number of clients on other machines seeing the same traffic. If I 
>> move from one machine to another I don't want to bump the other client 
>> off when I bring up the GUI, nor do I want to miss messages.
>> Thanks,
>> 	Andy
> You would need to either
> 1)Run Pidgin in VNC
> 2)Run Finch in screen 
> 3)write a new "UI" around libpurple that acted as a daemon.  Then write
> clients that connect to it.

	Thanks. I saw some reference to remote connection, so I was hoping 
there was something there.

Of the 3 options, number 3 is the most appealing. I guess ideally 
libpurple would have a facility to direct calls to a remote daemon or 
  execute them locally. Sounds like a big project!



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