question about Pidgin

Josh Williams yurimxpxman at
Mon Sep 3 12:06:25 EDT 2007

On 9/3/07, John Bailey <rekkanoryo at> wrote:
> As everyone on the development list is aware, we have been over this "vocal
> minority" argument several times.  I think it's counterproductive at this point
> to continue to bring the argument up, or even hint at it with references to it,
> when we've had significantly less than 100 users complaining and we know our
> user base to be *at least* 100,000 users, most likely over a million.  It is
> particularly counterproductive now that Sean has accepted a patch to put
> protocol icons back in the buddy list.

Yes, it's true that your user base is much larger than that, but you
must also consider the fact that not very many of them _know_ how to
present the issue. Not a lot of people know how to use mailing lists
and IRC.

Has there ever been another issue that received more feedback than
this? Probably not many, if any at all.

That said, I agree that this argument should be considered dead, so
long as you realise that the "matter of principle" for the "vocal
minority" is that the maintainers are so unwilling to listen to the
users. But I am very grateful that Sean has decided to include this

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