application integration standard proposal

Olivier Sessink lists at
Tue Sep 4 15:40:29 EDT 2007

Dear Pidgin developers and community,

with several people I have designed a proposal for a standard to allow 
different communication programs on Linux to integrate a little more 
(from the end user perspective).

An example: "The end user is using a IM client, where the he's notified 
in the chat window that a new email arrived from the same person he's 
chatting to (even if the IM account is different from the email 
account). The user may right click this buddy in the IM client, and in 
the context menu it says you have unread mail from this person, and the 
context menu will allow you to email this user (open a compose window)"

The draft standard how to do this is at

In the end I would like to submit this to, but I first 
would like to discuss the idea with the communities of the most well 
known open source communication programs, and improve it.

Can you give me some feedback on the idea, and if such a standard would 
be adopted by Pidgin (if formalised by

kind regards,

	Olivier Sessink

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