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Tue Sep 4 16:37:44 EDT 2007

Olivier Sessink spake unto us the following wisdom:
> An example: "The end user is using a IM client, where the he's notified 
> in the chat window that a new email arrived from the same person he's 
> chatting to (even if the IM account is different from the email 
> account). The user may right click this buddy in the IM client, and in 
> the context menu it says you have unread mail from this person, and the 
> context menu will allow you to email this user (open a compose window)"

This is a really great idea, and it's sort of come up before (with
Pidgin<->evolution integration, and Christian Hammond's "Galago"

> The draft standard how to do this is at 

I have only looked at this briefly -- I'll try to read it more
carefully and provide specific comment later.

> In the end I would like to submit this to, but I first 
> would like to discuss the idea with the communities of the most well 
> known open source communication programs, and improve it.
> Can you give me some feedback on the idea, and if such a standard would 
> be adopted by Pidgin (if formalised by

With or without standardization, if the standard is
clean and reasonable to implement, and there is some application
buy-in (I realize that can lead to chicken-and-egg problems), I, at
least, think we should be interested.


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