im.pidgin.pidgin multiple heads, conflicting revisions

Jeff Connelly shellreef at
Thu Sep 6 01:48:58 EDT 2007

One of datallah's revisions is conflicting with one of mine (or mine
is conflicting with his):

$ mtn heads
mtn: branch 'im.pidgin.pidgin' is currently unmerged:
cce02af7eb2fb114cb0f640979554b7de3a80e96 jeff2 at 2007-09-05T04:52:33
db5ad5300e844751f9abf8702f4e4a8369dfef8e datallah at 2007-09-05T23:51:16

and mtn merge can't automatically merge it:
$ mtn merge
mtn: 2 heads on branch 'im.pidgin.pidgin'
mtn: [left]  cce02af7eb2fb114cb0f640979554b7de3a80e96
mtn: [right] db5ad5300e844751f9abf8702f4e4a8369dfef8e
mtn: help required for 3-way merge
mtn: [ancestor] libpurple/protocols/myspace/myspace.c
mtn: [    left] libpurple/protocols/myspace/myspace.c
mtn: [   right] libpurple/protocols/myspace/myspace.c
mtn: [  merged] libpurple/protocols/myspace/myspace.c
executing external 3-way merge command
Error running merger 'kdiff3'
mtn: error: merge failed due to unresolved conflicts

even though the revisions do not modify the same files:

$ mtn log --last 1 --from db5ad5300e844751f9abf8702f4e4a8369dfef8e
o   -----------------------------------------------------------------
|   Revision: db5ad5300e844751f9abf8702f4e4a8369dfef8e
|   Ancestor: 3732a7eabc7ecb0f846edc60f04ec3f6f7779c5b
|   Author: datallah at
|   Date: 2007-09-05T23:51:16
|   Branch: im.pidgin.pidgin
|   Modified files:
|           pidgin/gtkconv.c
|   ChangeLog:
|   Fix a crash when hovering over a buddy in the chat userlist and the account
is disconnected.

$ mtn log --last 1 --from cce02af7eb2fb114cb0f640979554b7de3a80e96
o   -----------------------------------------------------------------
|   Revision: cce02af7eb2fb114cb0f640979554b7de3a80e96
|   Ancestor: d5026c5ff55b4e82fe82dd35370f7414367537a5
|   Author: jeff2 at
|   Date: 2007-09-05T04:52:33
|   Branch: im.pidgin.pidgin
|   Modified files:
|           libpurple/protocols/myspace/myspace.c
|   ChangeLog:
|   If no username is set, point user to a web page where to set it, and disconn
|   This is a workaround until the username can be set within msimprpl.
|   See #2844.

Any idea why this is happening and how to fix it? Anyone want to
volunteer to fix it? :-) Unfortunately my computer is almost on its
way out (Linux installation corrupt, shuts off if high processor
usage, and other problems, but I plan on getting a new computer in the
future), otherwise I'd try to merge it.

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