Merging MSNP14 Branch (Was: Re: Two things that I hate in Pidgin at any time)

notaktak at notaktak at
Sun Sep 9 07:39:24 EDT 2007

Richard Laager wrote:
> On Thu, 2007-09-06 at 02:09 -0500, Mark Doliner wrote:
>> Has anyone used the branch?  Are there any major bugs that people
>> found?  Regressions from the current code?
> I think Sadrul found some issues the other day.
> I'm really waiting for a statement from typ0/khc that it's ready to be
> merged, which to my knowledge hasn't happened yet. Then I planned to
> look at the code first, then test the functionality. I'd also like to
> see what nosnilmot has to say before we jump in and merge it.
Just updated from a 3 month old version of MSNP14 and most things seem
to be resolved, although I'm still getting some buddy list issues
(probably related to having used the old code though - I'll edit the XML
manually at some point and see if it goes away).

I'm a little confused about the status messages though. The old version
I was running (basically the version in the ticket393 branch) included
the name of the status (Out To Lunch, On The Phone, Be Right Back, Busy
etc) on the start of the personal status message. Since peoples'
personal message often has little to do with the status, this is
generally pretty useful information. The current version doesn't have
this. I did have a look through the version history to see if there was
a reason it had been removed, but I couldn't find the relevant change.
Does anybody any idea what happened to it / think it's a good idea to
put it back in. Either way, it's clearly not a blocker for merging to trunk.


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