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Sun Sep 9 23:01:24 EDT 2007

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Thomas Hruska wrote:

> I concur that there is some form of Kerberos involved.  Based on the
> responses I've seen so far to this, I decided to take a look at RFC4120.
>  There are a lot of similarities in terminology.  AND, at first glance,
> I'd say the data that we've seen so far is the raw ASN.1 encoded syntax.
> I'm only about 1/4 of the way through the RFC though (mostly glancing).
>  But now that I know what to look for, I can spend some more time
> breaking down the data and probably tinker with the Kerberos library to
> nail down what APIs to call (and what data to send) to get the right
> data sent to the server.
> Now that I have a better sense of direction, I will disappear again for
> a bit...  Thanks for the help everyone.

Perhaps this is an instance where we should have protocol documentation again,
either as a file named PROTOCOL in the prpl directory as used to be the standard
practice, or as a wiki page on

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