yahoo chat rooms?

ErikNabbles erikwestland at
Wed Sep 12 15:31:52 EDT 2007

I have not had any luck connecting to Yahoo either (using Pidgin 2.1.1). I
tried the new Yahoo messenger and they recently started including a
challenge for a 'captcha' (see below), so I am guessing they changed the

"You are in "Alaska:1" ( To help prevent spam and bots from disrupting your
Yahoo! chat experience, please click here to verify your account (this link
will open a new web browser window). This step is required before you can
begin chatting.

BTW - I am trying to connect to ANY type of chatroom using Pidgin, but am
having no success. Do you know connection details for any chatroom that
works with Pidgin (preferably AOL or ICQ)? I am writing a test client using
libpurple, but need to debug Pidgin to get the correct calls.
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