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David Neufeld david.neufeld at
Thu Sep 13 13:37:53 EDT 2007

I run a small XMPP server for about 80 - 100 employees using Openfire
3.3.2 on the server and Pidgin as the client. User authentication and
vcard information is stored in MS Active Directory and Shared Roaster
information is done using an AD group. When a user is removed from the
AD group the account is removed from the OpenFire server but is still
listed in the Pidgin offline buddies list. Is there a way to configure
Pidgin to automatically remove these? If not where does Pidgin store
this buddy information? Would it be possible to purge the old contact
from pidgin cache file? Is there an Pidgin API that would allow me to
remove these remotely from all our clients?

Thanks in advance for you help. 

David Neufeld
Sr. Systems Administrator 
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