url handling

Andreas Monitzer pidgin at monitzer.com
Thu Sep 13 18:34:42 EDT 2007

On Sep 14, 2007, at 00:19, Mark wrote:

> Sometimes pidgin handles my urls goofily.  It doesn't always do it,
> but here is one instance:
> (17:15:29) Mark: that'll do it for me today
> (17:15:51) Mark: Now I can't get
> http://blah.blah.com/browse.php? 
> show_tree=1&tree_only=1&Submit=Browse+Reports
> <http://blah.blah.com/browse.php? 
> show_tree=1&tree_only=1&Submit=Browse+Reports>
> to display a tree
> usually it would just show the url as a hyperlink, but here is  
> doubled it.

This string is generated when libpurple gets an HTML string like
<a href="http://blah.blah.com/browse.php? 
and is asked for the plaintext version of it. This was implemented to  
allow things like <a href="http://www.pidgin.im">click me</a>.  
Previously, this would only have produced the string "click me" in  
the plain text version, which is rather insufficient.

Maybe the strings should be compared for equality and the link should  
not be inserted in case they're equal...


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