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Mark Schneider queueram at gmail.com
Sun Sep 16 21:40:15 EDT 2007

If i am understanding you correctly, i think what you are looking for
is in the Buddy State Notification plugin.  This can handle away,
idle, and sign on/off notifications within the IM window.  Not sure
about direct connect.  You can find this under the Tools->Plugins


On 9/16/07, Peter Nickelson <peternator at gmail.com> wrote:
> I scrounged around for an outlet to submit enhancement suggestions and this
> is the only thing I found.  If I'm out of place, I apoligize.
> I just moved from aim (thank god) to pidgin and there's one thing I'm really
> missing.  Aim posts notices in the IM window for log on/off, direct connect,
> etc.  I looked and looked and the best I could find is buddy pounce, which
> is very useful, but not the same.  For what I want, pounce is too effortful.
>  It's useful to know when a friend last logged on or off.  This lets me know
> if my buddy who works night shift is probably awake, even if he's not
> online, for example.  This feature in AIM is so useful and effortless that I
> greatly miss it in pidgin, however I do not miss the ads or bloated memory
> usage.  On that note, thank you guys, open source is truly the best software
> and pidgin is very nice!
> Peter
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