Mac OS X port: fink package submission

David Fang fang at
Wed Sep 26 14:08:33 EDT 2007

> On Wed, 2007-09-26 at 02:35 -0500, Mark Doliner wrote:
>> The changes in that patch were pretty small and look correct to me, so I
>> checked it in.  Please let us know if you find any other problems.  Thanks,
>> Mark
> No, they're incorrect, and will break compiling with GTK but without
> X11. The correct fix for the problem David encountered was checked in in
> revision 326d6e6c8c6a955cdba84f1f802fc21ec3e6b662:

Thank you both for looking at it.  I've grabbed the above diff and 
replaced my patch.  Still seems to work fine (gtk2 build), so I'll repost 
down-stream to the tracker.

Can I get an opinion on package-splitting?
Currently, I have a full build of pidgin split into the following:

finch		-- just bin/finch
finch-dev	-- devel. headers include/finch/ and include/gnt/
 			(+.pc, .la)
finch-shlibs	-- libgnt, lib/finch/, ...
pidgin		-- pidgin and other bin/ programs
pidgin-dev	-- devel. headers for include/{pidgin,libpurple}, .la, .pc
pidgin-shlibs	-- libraries and plugins for libpurple and pidgin-2

However, if developers are anticipated build off of libpurple, then they 
don't need the libraries that are specific to pidgin-client, correct?
If so, then I'm considering further splitting:

pidgin-dev -> pidgin-dev, libpurple (devel. files)
pidgin-shlibs -> pidgin-shlibs, libpurple-shlibs
 	(pidgin-shlibs will depend on libpurple-shlibs, of course)

and only pidgin-shlibs will depend on UI-specific shared libraries.

Thanks in advance.


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Electrical & Computer Engineering
Cornell University
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