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Allan Clark allanc at chickenandporn.com
Sat Apr 5 22:30:55 EDT 2008

2008/4/5 Kevin Stange <kstange at pidgin.im>:

> Luke Schierer wrote:
> <rearranged to be quotable in context>
> > With UserVoice your users can create and vote up feature requests,
> > > discuss ideas and you can provide an official response (ex: 'we're going to
> > > do this..'). It's like Digg for feature requests and we think it'd be a good
> > > fit on high traffic open source projects like yours.
> > >
> > >  What do you all think of this?
> >
> I have a feeling we'll find things like "support for skins" and other
> things we don't really agree with at the top of the list. :)

...occasionally people seem to ask how they can help; this gives an answer
for that.  As well, it might be interesting, but should obviously say "we
don't guarantee to ever do it" because you guys aren't competing for users
(of course the "we" refers to you guys who do stuff).  If not done here, it
may be done in three places somewhere else, and have "skins" as the highest

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