libpurple + dbus - pidgin

Sascha Vogt FunkyFish at
Mon Apr 14 05:25:55 EDT 2008


Anil Gupta schrieb:
> Our server uses java and I understand that libpurple can be used in 
> conjunction with dbus support. Since this is a server component and we 
> run on production boxes, we do not install xwin or gnome environs. My 
> questions to the community
If you find out, that DBus isn't working for you, you could have a look 
on JNA (Java Native Access [0]) or JNI (Java Native Interface).
JNA doesn't need native code, where JNI would require implementing a 

There is also Swig[1] which could provide bindings in many languages, 
but this would require changes in the Pidgin code, to annotate methods etc.

Anyway, happy hacking



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