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Mon Apr 14 11:39:17 EDT 2008

SpeakLike, a development stage company, offers near real-time language
translation (beta in English, Spanish, and Simplified Chinese - more to
come) for IM, chat, and email. Our approach is unique because it melds the
speed and low cost of machine translation with the accuracy of human touch.


Our plan is to serve as middleware to all the major IM systems. Today we
have a proprietary IM / chat client. Would be great to implement through the
Pidgin client. A key feature of that client is the ability to expand any
message and see it in the source or other translated language. Ideally, we
like to have a version / plugin for Pidgin that enables this feature.


We'd like to find a Pidgin guru to help with this development.


Thanks for your interest.




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