SoC Community Bonding

Richard Laager rlaager at
Mon Apr 21 16:25:02 EDT 2008

I sent these to my student, but they're probably good advice for others
as well. If you have comments or other advice, please do share!


1. Subscribe to devel at I see you've posted there, so you've
probably already subscribed. If not, please do so.

2. Join #pidgin on Freenode and devel at (XMPP). Let
me know what nick you use there. Also, what real name do you go by?

3. Sign up for an account here:

Once you have an account, you should create a wiki page named
$ProjectName and quickly outline the project there. You can use this
wiki page throughout the project, as necessary.

4. Check out a copy of the Pidgin source from Monotone and build and
install it.

5. Pick a username for an e-mail account. Ideally this
would match your usernames/nicks elsewhere (IRC, etc.). Let me know
where you'd like to forward this e-mail (this address or somewhere
else?). *AFTER* that is done, I'll have you create a Monotone key pair
so we can get you commit access.

6. Read this:
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