automagic auth-request dropping

Tido tido.klaassen at
Thu Apr 24 13:29:37 EDT 2008


I've got a problem writing a plugin for filtering IM spam. I don't mind
the real message spam too much, since it all ends up in one window and
tabs are quick to close. What really gets on my nerves are the auth
request spams in ICQ, since it takes two clicks in alternating windows
to get rid of each single one.

One night I was finally sufficiently bothered (and boozed) to take a
look at the plugin interface and hack together a little Perl-plugin to
do some filtering. Coming up with a filter criterion was easy enough: I
would hardly want to authorize anybody to whom I haven't even talked.
Therefore all the the plugin had to do was keeping track of to whom I
sent an IM within the last hour and automatically deny any auth-request
from people not on that list. Peace of cake, less than 100 lines of code.

Unfortunately, there is still a dialog popping up, asking for
confirmation. Digging through the source code I learned that this
comes directly from the OSCAR plugin and there seems to be no way of
suppressing it without patching the protocol plugin itself.

So, after much talk, here's my question: did I miss anything or is there
really no way of denying (or even better, totally ignoring*) an
auth-request without any user interaction whatsoever?


*) Ignoring it would be better, because spam bots usually react to
denied auth requests

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