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2008/4/25 Ethan Blanton <elb at>:

> Zdenek Kabelac spake unto us the following wisdom:
> > Is there anyone here interested in the memory requirements of pidgin -
> > or is it just me who thinks that using 12MB on the heap to keep couple
> > icq contacts and two irc chat windows is too much :)
> > (Also it could be seen that many other libs seems to take quite some
> > space even when they are not used)
> We would love to see the memory requirements of Pidgin reduced.  We
> are aware of a small number of inefficiencies (some of which might
> have significant impact) which are either difficult to correct or have
> simply not drawn enough interest.  If you are offering to work on this
> problem, I'm sure we can throw together a list.  (We probably should,
> anyway.)  In the general case, however, figuring things like this out
> is a rather difficult and time-consuming process.  It would be great
> if someone chose to tackle it, but we have not currently going about
> it in any systematic sort of way.
> Note that some (not insignificant) amount of that memory is likely
> tied up by things which we can do little about -- rendered font glyphs
> in pango, icons in Gtk+, etc.  What total proportion of that 16MB it
> is, I cannot say.
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If there is such a list, it would definitely be interesting to see (I don't
have a lot of time these days, but should some free up that might be the
first thing I looked at.) Or if there's a set of tickets that could be
tagged as being related a quick search query might not go amiss either.
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