Pidgin dbus + Thunderbird Address Book

nuclearpidgeon stewart.james.webb at
Tue Apr 29 04:35:44 EDT 2008


I recently came up with an idea - why not intergrate Mozilla
Thunderbird's addressbook with Pidgin? For example, there would be a
Pidgin column which would contain a grey icon for not on pidgin, a
green one for online etc. Perhaps also one for display pictures or IM
protocol (AIM, MSN...)
The idea came to me when addding shortcuts for the thunderbird
addressbook to my objectdock(It looks like a mac one) and I wondered
whether, on a mac, if the addressbook program was intergrated with
I know a bit about dbus, and it seems like the perfect solution - for
linux. AFAIK dbus wouldn't work on windows - i've heard of a dbus
windows project, but that's in alpha so no luck there. any other ideas
would be welcome

I first want to know if this would be possible, and secondly I want to
know - would it be RLY hard? Could someone like me, with intermediate
VB and HTML knowledge learn how to implement dbus (or other method for
windows perhaps) into a thunderbird extention?

Thanks in advance

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