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Francois Botha igitur at
Tue Apr 29 10:24:01 EDT 2008

Francois Botha wrote:
>> The msn-pecan buddy list is different from the official msn buddy list.
>> Most people don't have an issue with this, since msn-pecan once was
>> experimental it's better to don't mess with the original buddy list.
> I got this too.  It's ok for the buddy list to duplicate, but surely 
> both instances of the buddy shouldn't appear as online?!  The 
> intuitive thing for me was to remove the one, and I ended up remove my 
> buddy totally.  After a few days I noticed that many of my contacts 
> had just disappeared, but in fact it was because I "removed" them.  
> Pretty confusing.
Uhm, just to add to this... I *think* the duplicates showing up both as 
online started happening only when I moved buddies to another group.  
Then the buddy in the original group AND the buddy in the new group 
would show as online.  I'll go do the tests to replicate.
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