Interview with people involved with Pidgin

Alistair Roche roche.a at
Wed Apr 30 05:52:27 EDT 2008

Hi there developers, I'm interested in starting a series of interviews
which focuses on the people developing open source projects. I want to
make the interviews as informal as I can, talking with those involved
not just about their project and what they do with it, but about them
and who they are. I'm planning to conduct the interview by Skype, by
phone or even by IM (we can both use pidgin!) if really necessary.
Pidgin is a major open source project, and I'd really like to find out
what goes on behind the scenes. Anyway who's up for an informal chat
over the phone, please send me an email and we can discuss it from
there. My aims are to get people to know more about open source's
development and getting more people involved with them.
I understand that you're probably all very busy, so don't feel guilty
about ignoring this!
All the best,
-- Alistair

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