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Praveen Markandu praveenmarkandu at
Wed Apr 30 21:40:29 EDT 2008

pidgin is a good and decent piece of software, and i do appreciate the
time the devs put into it. but i also have realized some of their
attitudes towards it. being an MSN user (where most of the people in
South East Asia are. its nearly impossible to find people who use
other protocols) i have always asked for better MSN support.

however some devs do think that as long as pidgin serves THEIR needs
its fine. they maybe only use IRC and AIM and Jabber. they would then
go on telling you how MSN sucks and its the worst protocol ever. if
you need me to explain the flaw in their mentality i guess you have
the same problem. it could be the worst protocol ever (i probably wont
disagree with you) but tones of people use it anyway.

but being a terrible computer science student being able to write next
to zero code i dont contribute much. i do file bug reports and so on.
sometimes i go to the irc channel and TRY to answer some questions.
frankly, i stopped holding my breath when it comes to pidgin because
people are who they are and it seems pidgin does have a few close
minded devs.

i now rely on the msn-pecan plugin because felipe contreras does some
really good work and im really grateful towards him. hopefully some of
you will follow his example.


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