All buddies are offline

Nicholas Guarracino nicholas.guarracino at
Fri Aug 1 11:21:54 EDT 2008

I'm just starting a basic libpurple client and I'm having trouble with
all of my buddies showing Offline. This is what I'm doing in my "show"
callback within PurpleBlistUiOps. Does it seem right or am I missing

static void show_buddies (PurpleBuddyList * buddy_list)
  syslog (LOG_INFO, "show_buddies");
  PurpleBlistNode * buddy_node = purple_blist_get_root();
  while (buddy_node)
    if (!PURPLE_BLIST_NODE_IS_BUDDY (buddy_node)) continue;
    const PurpleBuddy * buddy = (PurpleBuddy*) (buddy_node);
    PurplePresence * pres = purple_buddy_get_presence (buddy);
    PurpleStatus * status = purple_presence_get_active_status (pres);
    syslog (LOG_INFO, "\tStatus: %s", purple_status_get_name (status));
  buddy_node = purple_blist_node_next (buddy_node, TRUE);


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