Resizing textbox

Joó Ádám ceriak at
Fri Aug 8 15:23:18 EDT 2008


I would like to share the short story of the last minutes with you.
A few months ago I convinced my girlfriend (Windows user) to install
Pidgin on her machine instead of MSN Live Messenger. Now I wanted to
send her a file, but he copied me the error message which said that it
can't be opened due to the technical problems of the anti-virus
application, and asked me to send it in mail instead. I was wondering
why she was went back to Messenger, and she replied that because
Pidgin was inconvinient, because of the LACK OF THE ABILITY TO RESIZE
Therefore I would like to ask you to reconsider at least an option to
turn on resizing of the input box. Your attitude regarding this
question is really dissapointing, particularly as open source
developers, and as you can see such decisions can strongly hinder the
spread of free softwares among ordinary users.

Joó Ádám

P. S.: Sorry for double posting, I accidentally typed a tab + enter.

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