Resizing textbox

Joó Ádám ceriak at
Fri Aug 8 19:16:06 EDT 2008

> And why didn't you ask her WHY she absolutely needs to resize the textbox???

I asked. He said just because it's convinient; because she likes a
better ratio (she's a graphic artist…). And as I saw, this was the
argument of many others, even I felt really inconvinient,
claustrophobic when I experienced this change.

> From your last sentence I think you followed the discussion about that
> particular feature. So you know all the arguments that have been brought up.

No, I didn't read all the hundreds of comments, but I saw that your
final argument was to close the discussion by force.

> Do you really think anything will change without a reasonable /new/
> argument? Remember, people already had told to switch to another
> application, so that's not a new argument.

I thought that _amount_ of complaints could be enough for change. I'm
really shocked, that you such easily order your users to switch to
another application, if they miss a feature which could be so easily
implemented (reimplemented, to be precise). Don't you develop this
piece of software (besides yourself) for your user base?

> In general you have 3 options:
> a) Live your life and don't care about it

Now I'm got used to it. But I am committed to spread open source
software, and I think Pidgin is the best among IMs, so I do care about
it if such stupid things hinder it to be used by the ordinary users.

> b) Patch / Fork Pidgin and change the behavior to whatever you want
> (Remember, *that's* the spirit of open source. No more, no less. You have
> the code, you can do whatever you want to do, apart from selling it ;) You
> could even pay somebody to make the changes for you, if you can't code
> yourself!)

And there's another principle: nobody has to do anything which was
done before. Yes, I'm a programmer, I could fork Pidgin, but I don't
have time to do so. And you know that using a fork like Funpidgin has
its disadvantages, to begin with the fact that it hasn't got the
support that the parent has.

> c) Make suggestion and bring up /good/(tm) arguments which may convince the
> devs to change their minds.

I think that it's obvious that there are no arguments neither for nor
against it – only a matter of taste.

> Although I like the current auto-resizing I once made a suggestion. I
> proposed to implement the ability to manually resize the input box, but with
> a snap-in feature. So if you drag the box to a size greater than a minimun
> (e.g 2 lines) it has a fixed size. If you drag it to something smaller in
> "snaps" to the auto-resize functions.
> I think if someone writes a clean patch for Pidgin implementing said
> behavior, the devs might consider including it. But the main devs (and so do
> I) like it as it is, so none of them will waste their time coding it. It's
> up to the people who are complaining to get this done.

The only thing devs should do is a a checkbox in options, which
disables current behaviour and enables the old. But if this is a way,
I would gladly write a plugin – when I'll have the time – for this.
Could you please link me some resources which discuss how to do so?


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