XMPP, Connect Server, and SRV

Evan Schoenberg evan.s at dreskin.net
Sat Aug 9 21:33:58 EDT 2008

On Aug 9, 2008, at 7:52 PM, Mark Doliner wrote:

> So the user's jid is "evan at adiumx.com"?  Why would it matter what the
> SRV record is for pidgin.im?  Couldn't you set the SRV record of
> adiumx.com to point to xmpp.pidgin.im?

This is not for the case in which pidgin.im manages all adiumx.com  
JIDs.  adiumx.com is still running its own XMPP server.  So setting  
adiumx.com's recor dto xmpp.pidgin.im would disable adium's server  

The adiumx/pidgin domain names are just example; imagine that  
pidgin.im is a nonfederated server, which is not the realworld case.

>  Or set the connect server to
> xmpp.pidgin.im?

You could, and that would work.  However, that prevents the server  
from managing the connection destination, which is the entire problem  
SRV resolves.  pidgin.im's SRV record could be updated at a later  
time, or more usefully could be managed via a load balancer which  
distributes clients to

> Doing an SRV record lookup on the connect server doesn't seem like a
> good idea to me.  The connect server is kind of an ugly workaround for
> people who don't have the ability to use SRV records for whatever
> reason.  Doing an SRV lookup on that seems like it could cause
> confusion.

The SRV lookup, of course, automatically falls back on the specified  
server/port if it fails.  It seems to me that doing the lookup fixes  
edge cases (such as I've described) and will effectively continue the  
current behavior for most users (for whom the connect server is indeed  
used because SRV fails on the domain portion of the JID for whatever  

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