XMPP, Connect Server, and SRV

Bron Gondwana brong at fastmail.fm
Sun Aug 10 00:25:07 EDT 2008

On Sat, Aug 09, 2008 at 10:26:52PM -0400, Daniel Atallah wrote:
> 2008/8/9 Evan Schoenberg <evan.s at dreskin.net>:
> > The SRV lookup, of course, automatically falls back on the specified
> > server/port if it fails.  It seems to me that doing the lookup fixes edge
> > cases (such as I've described) and will effectively continue the current
> > behavior for most users (for whom the connect server is indeed used because
> > SRV fails on the domain portion of the JID for whatever reason).
> It seems to me that this change would effectively cause the same
> "problem" that you're trying to avoid by not specifying SRV records at
> the JID domain another layer up - what if the "connect server" has a
> SRV record set up, but you still want to connect to it directly -
> you'd be unable to.  At least now, you can set the connect server to
> the right value and it'll work.
> I think that this tries to a fix something that would be better
> avoided from a sane configuration perspective.  The connect server is
> already an override - if you specify a value, you're already making a
> manual configuration, in which case using the correct full
> configuration will just work.

And you can also create an A record that resolves to multiple IP
addresses or that moves over time.  Create a specific name that you
don't use for anything else.

I take back my earlier support for this idea, which was based on a
misunderstanding.  This is the sort of terrible idea which would lead
to syntax like '[xmpp.pidgin.im]' to say "just do the A record lookup
already".  Ouch.


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