Reopening Ticket 5730 (Buddy Pounce Removal)

Haudy Kazemi kaze0010 at
Mon Aug 11 15:09:39 EDT 2008


I'm writing to suggest that Ticket 5730 on removing buddy pounces be 
reopened.  Although the feature requested does exist, the presence of 
the ticket, and my own searching of Google to find this option suggests 
there are usability improvements possible here.

Like happened to 'joonohh', it wasn't obvious to me how to remove a 
recurring pounce.  [Datallah's reply in the bug report also answered my 
question of how to remove a pounce in the current version of Pidgin. 

I doubt that 'joonohh' and myself are the first and only two users to be 
affected by the existing UI design. The challenge stems from a menu 
entry called 'Add Buddy Pounce' being in a Buddy's right-click context 
menu, but there is no corresponding 'Remove Buddy Pounce' entry there 
(when appropriate).

For a Pidgin user who found 'Add Buddy Pounce' in the context menu (or 
in the chat window's 'Conversation' menu), it is not intuitive to go 
looking in the Tools menu to remove saved and/or recurring pounces.

I suggest one of the following to improve usability:

1.) add new context and 'Conversation' menu entries called 'Remove Buddy 
Pounce' that are displayed and active when there is a saved or recurring 
pounce configured for that user.

2.) rename the existing context and 'Conversation' menu entries 'Add 
Buddy Pounce...' to 'Configure Buddy Pounces'. 'Configure Buddy Pounces' 
should be the top of a cascading menu (like 'Presence Settings' or 'Move 
to'), with the 3 options under it 'Add Buddy Pounce...', 'Remove Buddy 
Pounce...', and 'Configure Buddy Pounces' (which could bring up the 
pounce list for all users).



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